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Welcome to the GCal Time Tracker

GTT is an online time tracker that syncs with your Google Calendar and automatically calculates the time you spend on your projects.

Let's start tracking time!

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Made by those nice people at greatpixel.it

gtt dashboard example

How it works 🛠️

First of all make sure to tag the events in Google Calendar with project's abbreviation. For example, you can use [P1], [P2], [P3] to tag events associated with 3 different projects.

Then Login to GTT and click the "FETCH WEEK" button.

Events' durations will be aggregated by Project.
In your GTT dashboard You will get a report about how much time you spent on each project.

Why does GTT need to access your calendar?

GTT will fetch your calendar looking for events marked with a Project's TAG. Events duration will be summed up, but no data will be stored in our database. For more information check our privacy policy and terms of service.

gtt dashboard example

Pricing 💰️

GTT is free and it will remain free in the future.